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Wilf Richards

Wilf is a Permaculture designer and teacher as well as a veg grower.


I have been learning about permaculture ever since stumbling across it in a squat in London in the early 90s. I completed my diploma in applied permaculture design in 2003 which was a collation of various designs in landscaping, community gardening, compost toilets, group facilitation and community development. Permaculture has shaped my ethics and values as I draw on nature as a teacher and guide towards a sustainable life. The design side of permaculture is my great passion as it supports problem solving, creative thinking, planning, organisation and learning.  


 I am the lead permaculture teacher in the northeast region and run an annual Permaculture Design Certificate course here in Durham City typically from February to June every year. I also normally run at least one Introduction to Permaculture course every year. You can find out more about these courses by getting in touch with us using our contact form or by joining the North East of England Permaculture Network, which I set up over ten years ago to support networking across the region in all things permaculture. Just ask me to add you to their mailing list if you wish to know more.


In 2020 I became a Senior Tutor for the Permaculture Association's Diploma in Applied Permaculture programme, having been a tutor for over ten years now. Being a tutor involves supporting apprentices through their designs, teaching a range of design processes and tools and providing a mentoring role. This is typically for those that have completed the Permaculture Certificate course but I can also provide a design consultancy service to anyone in need of permaculture design support.  


I help to manage the veg box scheme at Abundant Earth with my partner Beth, in particular looking after the accounts, packing the veg bags and assisting with the management of the veg garden especially with volunteers at the weekends. I love anything to do with the recycling of organic matter such as making compost, nettle fertiliser and comfrey liquid. I also look after the hens in the pasture and manage the compost toilet humanure.